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Abigail Bimman


November 24, 2021 | 4:30 p.m., EST

November 17, 2021

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Mina Cohn

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Education is the key in the fight against antisemitism. Given the insidious rise of antisemitism, intolerance, and Holocaust distortion, and the risk of having the Holocaust minimized or, worse, forgotten, there is a greater need to empower educators by providing them with innovative educational material.  The In-Depth Exploration of the Voices of Survivors program will expand the CHES 2016 Testimonial Project Testimonials by offering teachers new and creative tools to better engage students with the voices of survivors. 

The study of the Holocaust presents teachers with the challenge of teaching an unprecedented historical event in a limited time with no training. To help educators meet this challenge, CHES organizes annual Teachers’ Workshops providing much needed, highly focused, Holocaust-education programs, plans, and hands-on materials which are directly linked to the school boards’ educational outcomes. Through the Teachers’ Workshop and the Speakers Bureau CHES is reaching, on average, 10,000 students a year. 

The new program will involve two components: 

  • the development of hands-on materials and lesson plans using social media technology 

  • the development and planning of a Teachers’ Workshop that will provide training and encourage and inspire educators to use the project to the classroom.

All educational materials developed for this program will be in line with the government curriculum requirement, including the Ministry of Education directive to include Canadian Heritage in school programs today. It will also link the survivor’s testimonial experience to students’ lives by exploring questions such as why this history matters in a student’s life. Students will be given the opportunity to reflect on their learning and create a response using their choice of social media technology. Students will be able to connect the lessons of the Holocaust to their own identities, and communities and begin a dialogue with survivors and the next generation. 


An immersive, two-hour Teachers’ Workshop is scheduled for November 2021 to introduce teachers to the project and provide them with tools for sharing it with their students.  Participants in these workshop training sessions include teachers from Ottawa, Kingston, and Quebec as well as students from the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa, and Holocaust survivors as guests.  

The workshop and associated lesson plans for teachers will focus specifically on the stories and experiences of the Ottawa survivors with the purpose of stimulating educators and students to learn about, reflect upon, and discuss why and how Holocaust history and legacy continue to form an integral part of understanding a variety of social justice and human rights issues today.

In addition to supporting the Ministry of Education’s ongoing commitment to providing a strong Equity and Diversity focus throughout all Ontario schools, the workshop topics and materials will directly address important aspects of the Ontario Curriculum with respect to multidisciplinary content and responsible citizenship. 

The program will provide readily available and accessible resources, specifically up-to-date digital resources, including lesson plans, hands-on activities, and access to a wide variety of speakers and supportive contacts. It will also promote an understanding of current issues involving discrimination, racism, and antisemitism and encourage equity and diversity in schools and in our global community, thereby promoting positive change in our world. 

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Chaim Katz

7:15 PM

The Shadow of the Holocaust on the Lives of Children of Survivors. Is it Possible to Move Beyond its Grip?  

Helen Epstein

Congregation Beth Shalom Legacy Fund Committee



CHES relies on the generous donations of its supporters. Should you wish to provide a donation, a charitable receipt will be provided. Your donation will help to support the organization’s important work, and help offset the cost of this workshop and future events. 


John McHale & Renee Levcovitch Foundation 

Voices of the Holocaust. Inspiring Change Through Legacy: 

In-Depth Exploration of the Voices of Survivors 

CHES Annual Teachers’ Workshop 


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Opening Remarks

Mina Cohn

November 24, 2021

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Workshop Introduction

Kenra Mroz & Sophia Mirzayee

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Final Thoughts

Kenra Mroz

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Closing Remarks

Patrick Mascoe

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Kenra Mroz

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Kenra Mroz & Sophia Mirzayee


Patrick Mascoe

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Video message from the Prime Minister of Canada for Holocaust Education Month

Prime Minister Trudeau

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Professor Cotler

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The Hon. Professor Irwin Cotler

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Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights