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Abigail Bimman


November 14, 2021

7:05 PM

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Mina Cohn

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The Centre for Holocaust Education and Scholarship (CHES) in Ottawa is proud to feature a presentation by renowned writer Helen Epstein on November 14th, 2021.  Titled “The Shadow of the Holocaust on the Lives of Children of Survivors. Is it Possible to Move Beyond its Grip?”, the program will be a highlight of Holocaust Education Month 2021.

Building upon previous workshops offered for descendants of survivors, CHES is continuously looking for new ways to engage the children and grandchildren of survivors in Ottawa's community as we prepare to move from the age of witness to the age of memory. An ongoing process of 


engagement, conversation, and commemoration for our Second and Third Generation of Holocaust survivors is critical to keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive. 

Helen Epstein is an authority on the impact of the Holocaust on the children of survivors and their families. She first explored the world of children of survivors over 40 years ago, when she travelled throughout the United States, Europe, and Israel to search for young people like herself who were born out of the ashes of their parents’ despair.

Epstein was committed to deepening her understanding of what these children had in common and whether she could find a common experience with other children of Holocaust survivors. Her research resulted in the publication of her ground-breaking work, Children of the Holocaust (1979). 

In her presentation, Helen Epstein will shine a light on the need to help ensure that hate and its horrible repercussions will be eradicated. For children of Holocaust survivors, understanding the transmission of trauma from their heroic parents can perhaps answer some self-reflective questions which have dogged them their entire lives.

7:10 PM

Chaim Katz

Antisemitism in universities, a hidden social pandemic?

7:15 PM

The Shadow of the Holocaust on the Lives of Children of Survivors. Is it Possible to Move Beyond its Grip?  

Helen Epstein

The Centre for Holocaust Education and Scholarship (CHES) develops educational programs and activities to promote knowledge and understanding of the history and legacy of the Holocaust. The Centre brings together academics, educators, survivors, students, community members, and other appropriate partners. CHES also forges connections with diverse audiences and offers year-round programming whose objectives include combating antisemitism, prejudice, and racism and promoting respect for diversity, social justice and human rights.

CHES relies on the generous donations of its supporters and in-lieu of a registration fee for this event, a minimum voluntary donation of $18 is suggested, for which you will receive a charitable receipt. Your donation will help to support the organization’s important work, and help to offset the cost of this event and upcoming events.

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November 14, 2021 | 7:00 p.m., EST

The Shadow of the Holocaust on the Lives of Children of Survivors. Is it Possible to Move Beyond its Grip? 

A Presentation by Helen Epstein


A program for Descendants of Holocaust Survivors in Honour of Dr. Truda Rosenberg

Marcia Saipe 

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